• Ghana Tourist Attractions

    Ghana boasts of over 150 tourist attractions ranging from castles and forts to wildlife reserves and waterfalls. Visitors can be assured of beautiful castles along the coast, waterfalls and other ecological and historic attractions immersed in rich Ghanaian culture up north.
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  • Hotels in Ghana

    Hotels in Ghana span from the expensive 5 star Hotels to budget one star hotels and hostels. There are accommodation facilities to fit every pocket and needs. Enjoy breathtaking views from the beach front hotels such as La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Busua Beach Resort and Elmina Beach Resort or hotels close to attractions like the Novotel Hotel.
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  • Flights To Ghana

    There are hundreds of flights to Ghana from around the world to Ghana 7 days a week. There are flights by British Airways, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Emirates, Brussels Airline and a host of other airlines.
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  • Festivals in Ghana

    Over 70 festivals are celebrated in Ghana to display the rich Ghanaian culture.Festivals marking the begining and end of farming season, religous festivals, puberty rites and community cohesion are celebrated throughout the year.
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